Review of „303rd Polish Squadron- True Story”

 Two weeks ago I went to the cinema with my class to watch „303rd Polish Squadron -True Story”. I have heard a lot about this movie directed by Denis Delić so I was very excited to see it. The cast stars Polish actors such as Maciej Zakościelny, Piotr Adamczyk and Antoni Królikowski but also British ones- Cara Theobold and Andrew Woodall.

The plot of the movie focuses on Polish pilots of 303rd Polish Squadron fighting for England during the Second World War. At first, the pilots have to prove that they have the power, determination and courage to fight. As soon as they start to fly, the British find out that 303rd Squadron is one of the best in the world.

The movie contains also romantic threads. We can see the feeling of love between Jan Zumbach and an assistant in the Royal Air Force - Victoria Brown. Polish pilots like to seduce women by buying them flowers or kissing their hands. Scenes in the pub, where heroes  spend almost every evening, show their ability to dance and have fun in spite of the hard time of war.

I have noticed some minuses, but there is a one I would like to mention. We can’t see a real picture of war and the country our pilots were fighting for. It is a story which centres on their lives during separating from loving families. Therefore, I can say this is not a war movie, such as other Polish productions.

„303rd Polish Squadron- True Story” is well worth seeing, especially because of its humor and good acting. It was a pleasure to watch this movie and I hope you will like it too.


                                                                       Anna Marciniak kl. II TOR