A couple of years ago I watched a film entitled „The Notebook”. After I had seen it on TV, I found out that it was based on the book of Nicholas Sparks with the same title so I thought I had to read the original story about juvenile infatuation, which turned into deep and lasting love for Allie and Noah –the main characters.

The plot of the novel focuses on reading a book for Allie who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.   Noah an elderly man does it for her. The story is about summer love, which happened after World War II in South Carolina. The love doesn’t have chance to exist because she come from a rich family and he has only a couple of dollars in his pocket. Against everything they fall in love but spend only one summer together and then the girl’s parents separate them. Both of them have to start new lives hoping for another chance from fate.

This book is really easy to read. It has a lot of dialogues and interesting descriptions of places. It is not only a moving novel but there are also many moments which can make the reader laugh. In „The Notebook” there are many quotes from poems by Walt Whitman, which give the opportunity to get to know American literature.

I think there are not any minuses or perhaps there is one, which can be added to any book you read, I mean -not everyone will like it. It depends on your taste.

Thanks to the book we can travel in time and imagine how it was in the 50’. „The Notebook” shows us that even impossible, forbidden love has a chance to exist and there is always hope for dreams to come true, even after stormy life when it is coming to an end.

                                                                                                                                                    Natalia Kozakiewicz